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 Thanks for reaching out 🙌 

I typically respond within 48 hours.

YGAT TYping Session

If you're having a difficult time finding your enneagram type, then this 30-minute typing session will make a major difference in your personal journey of self-awareness. Here's how it works:

1. Assessment

The process begins when you take the Enneagram Institute's RHETI self-assessment. I will provide a code (normally costs $20) and your results will be sent to me once you've finished. I will use the results to formulate specific questions about how you see yourself (as that's all any personality test can reveal). Your test results will not be shared until our call in order to avoid any confirmation bias. 

2. Call

Our 30 minute call will begin with 15-20 minutes of specific interview questions I've developed based on your test results and guided by general patterns that narrow down your results. The final 10-15 minutes will be a dialogue about what type I believe is most likely your type, and why. Asking questions and pushing back is always welcome!

3. Results

I'll share your enneagram test results along with a breakdown of the patterns I've seen in your responses, preferences, and past life experience that will be helpful in your continued journey of self-awareness and personal growth. If continued consultations are desired, I'm happy to work out a flexible meeting schedule and pricing plan. 

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